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Does my car insurance cover my trailer in Alberta?

Part of the benefit of owning a truck is being able to pull a trailer – and there’s a trailer for every purpose! Livestock flatbed utility toy hauler 5th wheel travel trailers are all commonly seen on Albertan roads. But is your trailer protected? Your car insurance will only cover liability when it comes to your trailer – and only when you’re hitched up . Repairs damage and theft of your trailer or its contents won’t be covered. To adequately protect your trailer you’ll need separate coverage.

What is covered by trailer insurance?

What is covered will vary by insurance company and the type of trailer. There are also quite a few options that allow you to customize your insurance for your needs. For example insuring a 5th wheel that you live in half of the year is very different from insuring a small utility trailer you use mostly around your acreage.

There are three main areas of coverage:

  • Liability – this will cover you if someone is injured or if property is damaged by or in your trailer.
  • Collision – this will cover repairs or replacement if your trailer is involved in a collision.
  • Comprehensive – this covers repairs or replacements if your trailer is damaged or destroyed by things like fire theft and storms.

Keep in mind that your policy limits (maximum total amount that will be paid out in the event of a claim) and your valuation options (the full replacement cost or what your trailer is worth on the market today) will affect how much you get in the event of a claim.

Adding Your Trailer to Your Home Insurance

While adding your trailer to your home insurance is an option it isn’t necessarily a good one. Home insurance will generally have lower policy limits and may not include certain coverage best suited for your trailer. You will also have to file a claim on your home insurance should something happen to your trailer or its contents. Talk to your broker about your options.

Specialty Trailer Insurance

If you have an RV (a travel trailer or 5th wheel) RV insurance is the best choice. It is customized to fit how you use your RV and will include coverage for contents outbuildings like sheds and decks and emergency vacation expenses if something goes wrong while you’re on the road. Many companies also offer specialized roadside assistance services. There’s also optional coverage if you rent out your RV.

Livestock trailers are another type of trailer that is a little different and often quite expensive to replace. Specialized livestock trailer insurance is your best option to ensure your trailer and tack are protected.

If you have another trailer type and want coverage for theft and damage trailer insurance is a must.

Commercial Trailer Insurance

If you use your trailer for your business or are in any way paid to transport something you should have commercial trailer insurance. Even if you have specialty trailer insurance as soon as money changes hands or you’re using the trailer in the name of a company you’ll need commercial coverage.

Your broker will be able to help you determine what coverage you need and what your best options for protection are based on your budget.