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Gear up for your next track day.

A unique insurance program created to cover cars being used in track day events.

Backed by leading global insurers, TrackGuard was developed in response to huge demand from our clients and designed specifically to cover you and your ride when you take part in your next track day.

Most standard car insurance policies contain wording that excludes coverage for vehicles when they are used in race or speed events . If your car sustains physical damage while participating in a track day event, you can expect the insurer to decline coverage.
TrackGuard steps in where traditional car insurance policies fall short.

  1. The track day organizer completes our event qualification form.
  2. Once the event is approved, participants can apply for and buy their TrackGuard policy through our online portal.

Answering your most common questions.

TrackGuard provides coverage for vehicles exclusively for track day events. Your standard car insurance policy is there to cover your vehicle usage elsewhere.

Your TrackGuard policy provides property-only coverage and does not include any liability you incur for causing third party bodily injury or property damage.

  • If you are a car owner and do not see your event on the list, please reach out to the organizers to complete the event qualification form.
  • If you are an organizer interested in TrackGuard for your next event, complete the event qualification form to get started. Once approved, your event will be added to the list.

The policy insures for market value:

  • The insurer will determine what the purchase price of the vehicle would have been prior to the incident, and in a total loss, will pay this amount less the deductible previously selected by you.
  • If the amount to be paid exceeds the insured limit in a total loss, the insurer will pay the insured limit less your chosen deductible.
  • Calculations will be based on the value of the vehicle as a used car and will consider factors such as make, model, age of the vehicle, condition and mileage.

Consumables like tires, oil or linings are not covered nor is damage such as mechanical or electrical breakdown.

TrackGuard does not cover motorcycles but you can purchase an annual policy that will provide coverage for some track day activities.  As long as you are not being timed and you are not racing, you can get coverage for collision and comprehensive damage on the track. If you would like a quote, our motorcycle specialists would be happy to help you. Fill out our online application or call them at 1-888-595-5212.

We have discounts for multi-day events; group policies for dealership, club, or manufacturing events; and policies for those planning multiple events during a driving season. To access these savings, the first step is to ensure your event is approved. Ask your organizer to fill out our event qualification form. Once approved, it will be listed among the available events on our online portal to purchase a policy.

Our policy is not intended to serve as your primary auto policy nor is it intended to cover head-to-head racing on a track. Your policy applies once you begin driving your insured vehicle for your approved event on the day(s) coverage was purchased. Most standard insurance companies have physical damage exclusions such as the following from ICBC: “a vehicle being used in a contest, show or race, or in advanced or performance driver training, if (i) the activity is held or conducted on a track or other location temporarily or permanently closed to all other vehicle traffic, and (ii) there exists an element of race or speed test, which means driving at high speed, and includes passing maneuvers, driving in close proximity to another vehicle or assessing vehicle limitations in speed, acceleration, turning or braking.“ Your primary insurer of choice should be covering you and your vehicle from the parking lot to the paddock.

Yes, if you were driving the insured vehicle on the track at an approved event on the day(s) coverage was purchased, coverage will apply.

Your TrackGuard Service Team

Rachela Pollock

Rachela is a commercial insurance executive specializing in adventure travel and outdoor recreation. Her innovative approach towards developing creative solutions for hard-to-place risks, including racetrack operations, makes her an industry leader.

Bhavya Sood

Bhavya is an auto insurance expert who specializes in protecting luxury and exotic cars. His clients regularly reach out to him when they’re planning to hit the tracks.

Register an Event

As a track event host, please complete the event qualification form below.

Looking for insurance? If your event has already been qualified, click here to buy TrackGuard online.

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Event Information

Event location address
Is an event schedule prepared and available for all participants?
Does the event schedule identify the run groups and timing?
Is a list of event rules posted?
Is marshall support provided?
Are participating vehicles in compliance with the organizer’s safety rules?


Will novices be given a classroom session prior to their run group on track?
Will novices have a dedicated instructor/coach during their run groups?
Will a separate run group for novices be maintained throughout the event?
If a novice driver is signed off, will they remain in their run groups unless signed off by the organizer to run in the other groups?

Passing Rules

Are passing zones identified at the driver’s meeting and in the novice classroom?
Are passing zones for advanced drivers different than for novice drivers?
Are passing rules enforced by the marshals, and are offending vehicles forced to pit for instruction?