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10 Ways to Keep Hybrid Employees Engaged

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of hybrid work models – where employees work partly in office and at home – and recent data indicates they are here to stay.

  • According to a survey of employers conducted by Colliers Canada in 2022, 61% had hybrid workplaces.
  • Statistic Canada’s October 2022 Labour Force Survey found that over 1.7 million Canadians were on hybrid work arrangements.

For many businesses, a more dispersed workforce has created new challenges for human resources and leadership. How do we promote and support engagement among hybrid employees?

Set clear expectations.

Communicate expectations, including goals and work hours, upfront so employees understand exactly what is required of them and how their performance is being measured.

Provide opportunities for collaboration

It is key for the long-term success of a hybrid work model that employees have opportunities to collaborate and interact with each other (i.e. virtual meetings, group projects, etc.). 

Cultivate meaningful connections

Prioritize building connections between team members and managers – whether through one-on-one meetings or virtual team-building activities.  

Offer flexible schedules

The ability to choose when and where they can work has become a top priority for employees when considering job offers. Provide employees with the option to work from home or in office on certain days, as well as flexible hours to accommodate their personal and professional commitments.  

Encourage feedback

Foster an environment where employees feel comfortable providing feedback and voicing their opinions. This will help you understand their needs and improve their work experience.  

Facilitate training and development

In addition to helping you stay ahead of your competition by strengthening your in-house talent, continuous training and development opportunities (i.e. workshops and seminars) show employees that their growth and success is valuable to the organization, helping boost morale and retention.  

Show appreciation

Alongside formal rewards and recognition programs, leadership should be regularly expressing their appreciation for hard work and dedication from employees.  

Provide ongoing support

Empower your teams with the tools and resources they need to succeed beyond just what is necessary for their jobs, including access to mental health services and creating a culture of open communication.  

Promote work-life balance

Healthy work-life balance prevents burnout, boost productivity and reduces absenteeism. Encourage employees to use their vacation time, unplug during non-work hours and promote activities that help employees alleviate stress, such as yoga or meditation.  

Offer health & lifestyle benefits

Health and lifestyle benefits are growing in popularity and becoming more important for organizations in the competition for attracting and retaining younger talent.  

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