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Calgary Stampede Event Insurance

During Stampede week Calgary has events going on in every corner of the city at nearly every hour of the day. Pancake breakfasts after-work parties and all kinds of events in between. A mid the excitement of the festivities it’s easy to forget that when you host an event celebrating the Stampede you are responsible for any damages or unexpected charges that may be incurred during your function. That’s where Calgary Stampede special event insurance can help.

What is Calgary Stampede special event insurance?

Essentially Calgary Stampede special event insurance is a type of coverage that is used to protect a  host’s investments in their event such as a Stampede breakfast concert or other celebration. These events can get expensive with venues food and beverages staff decoration and more.

What happens if you need to cancel due to circumstances out of your control? What if someone is injured while attending your event? What if something gets damaged?  If you don’t have any special event insurance covering your Calgary Stampede celebration you could be paying out of pocket in all of these scenarios.

With Calgary Stampede special event insurance however if you need to unexpectedly cancel or you’re found liable for damage to your venue or an injury was caused during your event Calgary Stampede special event insurance may help you cover the costs.

What does Calgary Stampede special event insurance include?

Exactly what’s covered will depend on your insurance company and coverage options. Here is a list of what types of coverage you can expect to find for your Calgary Stampede special event:

Event Liability Coverage

If someone is injured or property is damaged during your Calgary Stampede celebration you could be held liable. Event liability coverage can help cover these expenses.

For example it’s pretty common for evening Stampede events to get a little rowdy. Let’s say that some of the venue’s furniture is damaged during your event. They could hold you liable for those damages in order to replace the pieces of furniture. Your event liability coverage would help you cover those costs.

Let’s look at an injury example: if one of your guests slips on the stairs and gets injured you could be held liable. If you’re sued your event liability coverage could help you cover these expenses.

Keep in mind that not all situations where you can be held liable will be covered. It’s important to talk to your insurance broker to ensure you understand your policy. It’s also important to communicate all aspects of your event to ensure your plans don’t violate your insurance policy terms and to make sure you’re covered (many insurers offer special endorsements for particularly risky events).

Event Cancellation Coverage

Stampede events aren’t cheap to host. You invest money in venues staff decorations food and beverage and so much more. Event cancellation coverage can help reimburse you for any lost investment and additional fees if the Calgary Stampede event you’re hosting needs to be cancelled or delayed.

Everyone knows Calgary’s weather is unpredictable and it seems especially volatile during Stampede week. If there’s a massive wind storm that damages the building you were going to host your event in you may need to delay or cancel your celebration. Event cancellation insurance would help cover your costs associated with this and could reimburse you for some of your investment.

There are a wide variety of scenarios that are covered mostly sudden and unexpected events that force you to delay or cancel your event. Make sure you’re conscious of what your policy covers as they vary and you may not be covered for every situation.

Is Every Stampede Event Insurable?

Here are the most commonly insured special events:

  • Birthday parties
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Religious celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Anniversary parties
  • Corporate events

However not every gathering or event will be covered by special event insurance or by every insurance company. Some insurers won’t cover sporting events dance recitals or bachelor/bachelorette parties while others will. That’s why it’s important to disclose the full details of your event so you can be sure you’ll be covered.

Why Should I Buy Calgary Stampede Special Event Insurance?

Calgary Stampede special event insurance can give you peace of mind knowing you’re protected in case things go wrong. Claims that can arise from damaged property or injuries can be incredibly costly as can a cancelled event. This coverage gives you financial security. Many venues and vendors also require special event insurance or special event liability insurance in order to work with you.

What if you’re planning a corporate event? Doesn’t your company’s commercial insurance cover these events? That will depend on the exact event where you’re hosting it and your individual insurance policy. It may offer some coverage but others may not protect you at all. That’s why it’s important to review your policy and discuss it with an insurance broker.

Liquor Liability Insurance for Calgary Stampede Events

If you plan on serving alcohol at your event you need to make sure liquor liability is included in your Calgary Stampede event insurance policy. You may need to take out separate liquor liability policy if yours doesn’t include it.

Why do you need liquor liability insurance? Well did you know you can be held liable for the damages caused by someone driving drunk or getting into trouble after your event? This insurance will cover damages or injuries resulting from your intoxicated guests.

What Isn’t Covered by Stampede Special Event Insurance?

Insurance can’t protect you in every scenario. There are often policy exclusions for risky activities that could take place at your Stampede celebration including:

  • Risk-heavy stunts
  • Firearms
  • Rodeos
  • Fireworks
  • Trampolines

This doesn’t mean you can’t be protected for these items you just may need to find specialized or additional coverage. Your broker will be able to help you if you want to include any of these activities at your event.

While you want your celebration to go off without a hitch sometimes things go wrong. Always check with your insurance broker to know what you are covered for before planning your Stampede event. After all it’s better to be safe than sorry.