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Do truck modifications impact insurance?

Lifted trucks and other after-market modifications are popular. But if you are making modifications to your vehicle post-purchase it is important to know how it will impact your insurance coverage whether you need to notify your broker and if it will impact your premiums or package. You don’t want to be wondering if your truck modifications impact insurance after you’re in an accident.

Modifications can include upgrades to style and performance including enhanced engines and tinted windows. Some modifications can increase your risk or the value of your vehicle and therefore affect your coverage. Modifications seen as very high risk may not be covered by many insurance companies . For example cars modified for racing environments may be seen as too risky by traditional providers.

There is a difference between a truck that has been purchased with modifications – a top of the line Ford Raptor for example – and modifications that you add on yourself after purchase. Most features or modifications that existed when you entered into your insurance policy will likely be covered as long as they were given the ok after a factory safety check and were disclosed when you completed your paperwork and the value of your vehicle was assessed. Others may be excluded even if they came with your vehicle if they are seen as high risk.

Truck modifications affect your policy in different ways.

Modifications you make after your policy has been secured can increase the risk of accident theft or the overall value of your vehicle. For this reason you should discuss any modifications with your insurance broker before you make them. That way you will understand whether your premiums might increase or if modifications will have an effect to your existing policy.

Some of the top changes that create increased premiums include turbo or supercharging and interior or exterior stylistic bodywork. Functional modifications that increase your fuel economy or safety features are less likely to impact premiums and may even save you money. The highest risk modifications are ones that can change vehicle performance and take it outside of safety testing and auto factory performance standards as this can increase the risk of an accident or impact how your vehicle will react if you get into an accident.

If you are making car modifications even if they are minor you should discuss them with your broker first and declare them as soon as they are made. Some modifications can be pricey and you may not want to increase premiums on top of that. However you will regret trying to save on your premiums if you need to file a claim and it is denied because of unforeseen risks down the road.