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Does your home insurance cover camping?

Over 40% of Alberta households go camping and its rated as the second favourite outdoor activity in the province in this 2017 survey. And at least 26% of Albertans own an RV – the highest percentage in the country! With the province’s incredible nature and proximity to great road trips and destinations in all directions its no wonder camping is such a popular activity.

Most people wouldn’t worry about anything bad happening while you’re camping. It’s vacation time after all. But unfortunately theft accidents and damage can occur even when you’re enjoying the great outdoors. We’ll review what your home insurance covers while you’re camping including your belongings RV and liability.

Does home insurance cover your personal belongings when you’re camping?

Yes, your home insurance will generally cover your personal belongings so long as they’re items you regularly store in your home. If you leave them in an RV or at a year-round campsite you may not have coverage.

You may not want to make a home insurance claim if your belongings are stolen as their value probably wouldn’t be worth paying the deductible and the potential increase in your premiums.

Don’t keep anything valuable in your tent if you’re not there – keep it with you or locked and hidden in your vehicle. Campsites aren’t often sites of crime but it does happen. If you’re threatened by bad weather it might be best to pack up everything into the car.

Does home insurance cover your RV?

Some home insurance policies offer limited RV protection however you must add the RV to the policy. Keep in mind that if you submit a claim on your RV or its contents it will count as a home insurance claim.

The best protection is a separate RV insurance policy which will cover your RV and its contents if they’re damaged. RV insurance can also cover your property on a permanent lot such as decks sheds and other outbuildings.

Does home insurance cover your liability when you’re camping?

Most home insurance policies will cover your personal liability if you accidentally do something that injures someone or destroys their stuff including when you’re camping.

If you have an RV you may not be covered in all scenarios. Your best bet for protection is a separate RV insurance policy which includes liability insurance. This will protect you if someone gets hurt or has their stuff damaged while in your RV.

Camping & Your Home Insurance

Keep in mind that you’ll need someone to check in on your home if you’re gone for longer than 48 hours. Most insurance companies require this for your coverage to remain in effect. This is because an empty home is more vulnerable to vandalism and theft plus damage can remain undetected which worsens the situation. Have a trusted friend family member or neighbour check-in and make sure everything is okay.

Your home insurance does cover camping but the coverage will be limited if you have an RV.