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Should I buy separate glass coverage for my car?

Most people rely on the glass coverage associated with their standard car insurance despite a variety of separate policies available. A separate glass coverage insurance policy offers complete glass coverage on your vehicle – the windshield rear and side windows and the sunroof if you have one. P remiums and deductibles are much lower than your standard car insurance. So in short our answer is yes you should buy a separate glass coverage policy for your car!

Do claims affect my car insurance?

No. Any claims you make on your separate glass policy have absolutely no impact on your general car insurance whatsoever. That means your rates for your car insurance will not increase if you have your windshield or side window repaired.

Are the deductibles high?

Just like the premium the deductible on a separate glass coverage policy is quite low. You’ll only pay around $25 for a repair and $50 for a total replacement – your insurance will cover the rest. This covers a wide variety of damages such as cracks rock chips vandalism and more.

Many people opt to stick with their standard car insurance’s coverage of glass or even to opt out of glass coverage entirely to save money. This results in a significantly higher cost to them when damage does occur – and glass damage is very frequent. Talk to your broker about your car insurance policy’s coverage of glass and what glass coverage options are available for you.