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What are the best roof and exterior construction options for Alberta weather?

The weather in Alberta is known for its extremes of the cold and snow of winter to the hot and stormy summers. Our homes have to deal with a range of temperatures hail wind and sometimes a lot of rain or snow. When chinooks sweep in snow can turn to slush quickly and freeze once more as the temperature drops. All in all it’s a lot for a building to deal with! It’s no wonder protecting your home from weather is an important consideration for homeowners. One of the best things you can do is ensure that your home’s roofing and exterior construction can stand up to the elements. Below are a few smart choices when it comes to roof and exterior construction options for Alberta weather.

The Best Exterior Construction for Alberta Homes

One of the best products on the market today is called fibre cement siding . This was designed specifically for extreme climates—especially those of the cold and snow-laden variety—in mind. The siding itself is composed primarily of cement sand and wood fibres; together these give the material its strength and resilience. Depending on the grade of fibre cement you choose some may even be rated for hurricane force winds intense cold spells and excessive snow.

While more expensive brick concrete stucco and stone are also good options. They are excellent for handling wind hail precipitation and are quite fire-resistant.

If cost is a factor you may want to look into engineered wood siding . Different from traditional wood siding this type is composed of wood fibres and resin materials and is designed to be more resilient to various weather conditions.

Good old fashioned vinyl siding is one of the cheapest and most popular choices in Alberta though it can be easily damaged by hail and offers no fire-resistance.

The Best Roofing for Alberta Homes

Your home’s roof will need to withstand Alberta’s extreme weather conditions even more than your exterior construction. There are a wide variety of roofing types each with its own pros and cons. The type you select will be constrained by your budget and house design.

Asphalt roofs are certainly the most popular and are more affordable than many other roofing types. This is a good budget option as they offer some fire-resistance and stand up well to moisture and extreme temperatures. However, they do require additional maintenance and are less hail resistant.

Tile and slate are other options with the latter being the better albeit more expensive option. Tile is more common but can be shattered by hail. Slate is more durable but can be quite expensive to install. Metal roofs are another option and they’ve come far in terms of design and style. However these roofs can suffer dents due to hail.

Rubber roofs are a more recent development but are becoming increasingly popular. Available in a number of designs (including those that look like slate or shakes) these roofs offer superior performance in bad weather particularly hail. These roofs last a very long time from 30 years to a lifetime and require little maintenance. A bonus? They’re often made out of recycled materials making them very environmentally friendly!

Whichever roof type you choose be sure to choose a qualified installer and keep up with maintenance. This will minimize the chance of damage to your roof and home and keep your roof doing its job for years to come.

The key to preventing any damage to your house as a result of weather and especially significant snowfall is to invest in the types of materials designed to handle the Alberta climate. Some insurance companies offer specific coverages to help better protect your home. An example is Aviva Weather Assure Insurance which gives you money after you’ve made a claim to upgrade your roofing and siding to be more weather-resistant and thus further your home’s resilience. If you’re interested talk to your broker for more information.