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When should I remove winter tires in Alberta?

Spring in Alberta is always unpredictable. The temperature fluctuates from below zero to 20 above sometimes from day to day. There’s rain snow hail and sunshine sometimes all at once! Driving conditions vary from perfect to full-on winter storm. It’s a guessing game as to when you should take the leap and remove your winter tires. And you can probably bet that no matter how long you wait as soon as you remove them you’ll get hit with cold or snowy weather.

So when should you change out your winters for your summer or all-season tires? We recommend switching once it’s consistently above 7 degrees . That’s the temperature that winter tires start outperforming summers and all-seasons when it comes to braking and grip.

Why can’t you leave your winter tires on year-round?

According to Bridgestone leaving your winter tires on year-round will be more expensive in the long run. That’s because once the temperatures rise you’ll see increased wear and tear on your winter tires. You may also notice a decrease in driving performance such as turning and smoothness. That’s because winter tires are made of softer rubber and have bigger treads. This is great for gripping the road in wet or cold weather conditions but not so efficient when it’s warm and dry.

Should I put on summer or all-season tires?

The choice is up to you. Summer tires offer the best grip and performance in warm weather but Alberta doesn’t always like to offer up ideal driving conditions even in the middle of summer.

All-season tires offer you a bit more flexibility for spring and fall driving as well as added performance in cooler temperatures and wet conditions. They may also last longer depending on the quality of the tire and your driving habits.

Consider the amount and type of driving you will be doing including what driving conditions you’ll face. You’ll also want to take your vehicle into account – if you have a higher performance car for example you’ll probably want to opt for summer tires to get the most out of it.

No matter what tire you have on your vehicle make sure you’re protected with car insurance.