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Aviva Home Repair Assure Coverage

Imagine this: you are about to get into bed when you realize your furnace won’t turn on. It is -30 degrees Celsius outside and starting to get really cold in the house. Your family just moved to Edmonton last week for a new job and you don’t know who to call.

Luckily you have a home insurance policy with Aviva and have the Aviva Home Repair Assure coverage. This gives you help in situations like the above. You get access to their preferred vendors for a variety of home repairs as well as financial assistance for these unexpected events.

Here are some scenarios that Aviva Home Repair Assure could cover:

  • Heating and Cooling System Breakdown – if your furnace, air conditioner or hot water tank breaks down.
  • Internal Plumbing Issues with foundation, walls or drainage.
  • Electrical Emergency and Breakdown
  • Internal Gas Leak
  • Security Systems
  • Roofing
  • Pest Removal for certain rodents

Frequently Asked Questions about the Home Assure Endorsement

Why did Aviva Canada come out with the Aviva Home Assure?

This coverage was created to help homeowners with the unexpected costs of accidental losses that are not normally covered under your home insurance policy. This coverage is not meant to replace the regular home maintenance that should be done on a regular basis to your home.

Will my home insurance go up if I have to put in a claim under this endorsement?

No, your claims free discount is not affected under this specific coverage. This is not counted as a claim.

I have Aviva Home Repair Assure. What phone number should I call if I need to put in a claim?

Please call 1-844-766-0457 and you will be matched up with one of Aviva’s authorized service providers to have the repair done.

Are all repairs covered?

No, not all repairs are covered. This coverage includes labour, services and parts and includes a $1000 guarantee. However, you should speak to your broker about exactly what’s covered as there is an expectation of regular maintenance and that your home is in good repair.

Please Note: All of your systems must be in good working order prior to the coverage being in place. If you have any questions or would like to have this endorsement added to your policy then please contact your insurance broker for help.