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Digital Pink Cards in Alberta: It’s Official!

As if being stopped by the police isn’t stressful enough, your mind chooses that most inopportune of moments to go blank leaving you scrambling for your insurance information. For the life of you, you just cannot remember where you put your pink card. Yes, you saw it every single day for the past month when you didn’t need it. Now that you need it though…

Thankfully, this scenario will soon be a thing of the past and your forgetfulness won’t get you into trouble anymore. Drivers can now easily access their insurance information through their phones with electronic or digital pink cards ensuring that encounters with the police are a little less rattling.

As of August 2019, digital pink cards are legal in Alberta, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador. In 2016, Québec became the first province to adopt a digital version of the proof of insurance and slowly other provinces have been following suit.

Benefits of Digital Pink Cards

  • Convenience. Digital pink cards are far more convenient for drivers. They don’t have to remember to change out their card every year put it back after visiting a registry or struggle to dig it out in a messy car. Plus their insurance information is available whenever and wherever they need it!
  • Accessibility. You can access your digital pink card when you need it. Just keep a digital copy saved in your digital wallet email or image gallery!
  • Fraud reduction. Paper pink cards are often targeted for fraud – it’s one reason you can be fined for keeping old pink cards in your vehicle. Digital pink slips take care of this problem.
  • No more waiting. Before you’d have to wait to get your pink card in the mail from your insurance company request a new one from your broker or take the time to print it out yourself. Now you’ll have instant access.

Digital Pink Card FAQs

Although digital pink cards are convenient you might have some questions and concerns. Here are some digital pink card frequently asked questions and their answers:

1. Do I have to hand over an unlocked smart phone to a police officer or registry official?

It depends. You can access your digital pink card through apps or you can keep them in a digital wallet. The latter can be accessed and displayed without having to unlock your phone. It may depend on your smartphone and how you access your digital pink slip.

2. Do I have to use digital pink cards?

No, you can continue to use your paper pink card if you don’t want to use a digital one.

3. How can I access my digital pink card if I don’t have data or wi-fi access?

Some brokers have apps that can be accessed without an internet connection. It’s also a good idea to save a copy in your image files or in your digital wallet so that you can access it if you can’t use your data.

4. Can I use a digital pink card as proof of insurance at a registry?

Yes, a digital pink card is accepted as proof of insurance at a registry so long as it’s in Alberta Quebec or Newfoundland. Some other provinces also accept digital pink slips at registries.

5. Is a digital pink card acceptable as proof of insurance if I’m pulled over?

Yes, a digital pink card will now be accepted as proof of insurance in Alberta Quebec and Newfoundland with other provinces likely following soon.

If you’ve got any more questions about digital pink cards leave a comment below!