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How to Protect Your Business from Break-and-Enters

Businesses are popular targets for break-and-enters. This type of crime is often a crime of opportunity; criminals look for businesses with limited visibility, no security and easy access. Doors and windows are the most common points of entry. A little bit of prevention can go a long way to protecting your business from break-and-enters.   

Here are our tips for protecting your business from break-and-enters: 

  • Install a monitored alarm system and don’t forget to turn it on! 
  • Install security cameras and keep recordings for at least 90 days. 
  • Keep your business well-lit inside and out.  
  • Ensure your property is secured before leaving – doors and windows locked.  
  • Consider equipping metal roll-up shutters or bars on windows, doors and skylights; alternatively, you can replace regular glass with laminated or tempered glass.  
  • Do not leave a spare key hidden on the property. 
  • Do daily cash drops to minimize the amount of cash left on the property overnight. 
  • If you have a safe, ensure it is out of reach and behind physical barriers (locked or keycode access doors).  
  • Install strong deadbolt locks.  
  • Display security signage such as those that alert to the presence of cameras or other security measures. 
  • Place checkout counters near the entrance/exit of the store.  
  • Keep high-value inventory in locked cases.
  • Invest in anti-theft measures for individual valuable items.  
  • Keep displays and shelves shorter than five feet.  
  • Ensure all devices are protected with strong passwords.  
  • Keep track of all keys or access cards; if one is lost or stolen, you should replace the locks.  
  • If your business is closed, it should still be checked on every day or every other day.  
  • Work with other businesses in the area to keep an eye out for criminal activity or invest together in additional security measures. 

Unfortunately, a break-and-enter can result in stolen and/or damaged property and temporary closure of your business. It can be very costly to repair and replace your property. Commercial property insurance can help cover these costs and protect your business. Our brokers can also help you manage these types of risks. Give us a call to speak to a commercial insurance expert today.