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How brokers can develop a better understanding of insurance for Indigenous communities

Acera Insurance’s David Edgar spoke with BC Broker magazine for an article that aims to help brokers develop a better understanding of insurance for Indigenous communities.

There are important nuances and considerations that make insuring property on reserve land different from insuring property in a municipality or regional district.

Acera Insurance’s David Edgar contributes to this important discussion in this BC Broker magazine article.

“Virtually all the property on reserve land is managed by the band.” — David Edgar, Managing Director, Underwriting, Captives & Alterative Risk Solutions.

There are other considerations in addition to how the band operates. For example, many Indigenous communities face a higher risk of fire, for which contributing factors are limited fire protection and services. This impacts coverage options and rates.

“Fundamentally all policies are treated the same and they’re underwritten based on their own risk characteristics. It certainly matters what kind of fire protection there is relative to fire hydrants or fire halls being close by,” says Edgar.

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