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How event planners can benefit from working with an insurance broker

Daniel Tassoni with Acera Insurance shares with Ignite magazine how event planners can benefit from working with an insurance broker

Working with a broker can help event planners get comprehensive coverage at a competitive rate — so says Acera Insurance’s Daniel Tassoni, Director, Sales, in this Ignite magazine article.

“As a broker, I’ll go through each quote and compare not just the coverages on the main declaration page, but also the exclusions that a client could face.” — Daniel Tassoni, Director, Sales.

Understanding your event coverage limitations

While getting a competitive rate is a big selling feature, Tassoni adds working with a knowledgeable insurance broker will help event planners have a better understanding of what their event is and isn’t covered for.

Tassoni specializes in hospitality and tourism insurance. He says, just as the event industry is constantly adapting and evolving to new advancements and risks, so to are insurers.

“[A]ll policies have exclusions in the fine print… The insurance industry has tried to reduce their exposure because they’ve paid too much in claims versus premiums earned. They did this by tightening the language in their policies.”

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